What is the Hydrocarbon Resin?

Oil resin due to sources for oil derivatives and named, it has acid low, mixed dissolved sex good, resistance water, and resistance ethanol and resistance chemicals, characteristics, on acid alkali has chemical stable, and has regulation viscous and hot stability good of features. oil resin General not alone using, but as promoting agent, and regulation agent, and modified sex agent and other resin together using. oil resin is in recent years new development of a chemical products, due to its has price low, and mixed dissolved sex good, and melting point low, and resistance water, and resistance ethanol and chemicals, advantages, can widely for rubber, and Adhesives, coatings, paper, ink and other industries and fields.
Dissolved Yu fat hydrocarbon and chloride hydrocarbon class, not dissolved Yu low-level alcohol and ketone class. main for paint industrial, as oil resin emulsion for enhanced synthesis latex paint, light oil resin for manufacturing oily varnish to improved gloss and adhesion. also for rubber industrial, with softening points low of resin as plasticizer, with softening points high of resin improve synthetic rubber of hardness. also for preparation hot melt glue, and traffic signpost paint, and printing ink and paper sparse agent,.
General class C5 Hydrocarbon Resin alphatic (lipid species), the C9 aromatic(aromatic hydrocarbons), and DCPD(FATDiene, cycloaliphatic) and puremonomer (such as poly SM,AMS (alpha methyl styrene) and otherproducts), four patterns, consisting of molecules are the hydrocarbons, it isalso called a hydrocarbon resin (hydrocarbon resins,HCR).
C5 oil resin (C5 Petroleum resin) is by oil cracking business vinyl proceeds Deputy produced carbon five fractions, by fine distillation, de ring, de heavy, in acid catalyst exists Xia aggregate and into. products molecular structure narrow, low smelly, and low volatile, good of stick received sex, and heat sex, and settled sex, and resistance waterborne, and acid alkaline. and phenol vinegar resin, and natural rubber, and synthetic rubber, and EVA compatible sex good, especially and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), and poly butene compatible sex excellent. dissolved Yu acetone, and methyl b ketone, and acetate b ester, and Ethylenechloride, cyclohexane, benzene, toluene, gasoline, etc. C5 oil resin of quality indicators appearance light yellow uniform particles solid softening points (global method, c) 80~120 hue (iron-cobalt method,,) 4~12 bromide value (mgBr/100g) 10~50 acid (mgKOH/g) 1.0 uses: as preparation pressure sensitive glue, and hot melt pressure sensitive glue, and hot melt glue and rubber type adhesive of increased stick resin. hot melt signpost paint, and ink, and phase plastic products,. Storage: store in a cool, ventilated, drycoffers, anti-inflammatory, moisture. Package sizes: knit or paperplasticcomposite bag, 25kg per bag.
C5 petroleum resin as high Peel adhesion strength, viscosity, adhesionproperties of melt viscosity stability, moderate, good heat resistance, goodcompatibility with polymer matrix, and the price is low, began to graduallyreplace the natural resin viscosity (terpene resin and rosin).
Fine C5 oil resin in hot melt glue in the of features: liquidity good, can improved subject material of wetting sex, viscous good, has highlight of early viscous can. excellent of anti-aging sex, color shallow, transparent, low smelly, low volatile real. in hot melt glue in the, can alone with ZC-1288D series as increased stick resin, also can with it increased stick resin mixed using, to improved hot melt glue of a species characteristics.
Recommended applications: hotmelt Adhesive
Other applications: hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesives, solvent basedpressure sensitive adhesive.
Petroleum resin used in different industries and functions:
A, paint
C9 petroleum resin paints mainly with high softening point, DCPD resins,C5/C9 resin, paint included petroleum resin to increase paint gloss toenhance film adhesion, hardness, acid, alkaline resistance.
B, rubber
Rubber main using low softening points of C5 oil resin, and C5/C9 copolymer resin and the DCPD resin. This class resin and natural rubber glue grain has is good of miscible sex, on rubber sulfide process no big of effects, rubber in the joined oil resin can up to increased stick, and fill strong, and softening of role. especially C5/C9 copolymer resin of joined, not only can increases glue grain between of stick Heli, and can improve glue grain and curtain line Zhijian of stick Heli, applies Yu Meridian tire, high requirements of rubber products.
C, adhesives industry
Petroleum resin has excellent adhesion, adhesives and pressure sensitivetape included petroleum resin to improve the adhesion of adhesive,resistant to acid, alkali and water resistance, and can effectively reduceproduction costs.
D, the ink industry
Petroleum resin used in inks, primarily high softening point C9 petroleumresin, DCPD resins. Add oil ink resins can be used to show color, quickdrying and brightening effect, improves printing performance and so on.
E, other
Has a certain degree of unsaturation resin that can be used to glue on thepaper and plastics modifiers.
Five, petroleum resin for non-dangerous goods during transport, andshould be protected from Sun and rain; not with spontaneous combustion,strong oxidizing agents, strong acids with transport.
Petroleum resins should be stored in a well-ventilated, cool, dryenvironment. storage period is one year, one year after the inspection is stillavailable.
C9 petroleum resin
Light, 3# to 7#, 8#, dark 18#, softening point at 90 degrees to 140 degrees
In paints, inks, paints, rubber, adhesives, waterproofing materials and light industry, including wood preservatives, paper coatings, laminates, spraycarrier and other widely used, in heated conditions, with good lowreactivity and stability, maintain viscosity, water resistance, acid and alkali,ageing resistance, adhesion, durability and so on.
Areas of application:
A, paint
Paint mainly with high softening point C9 petroleum resin, paint includedpetroleum resin to increase paint gloss to enhance film adhesion, hardness,acid, alkaline resistance.
B, tire and rubber
Tire and rubber mainly used low softening point C9 petroleum resin. thistype of resin and natural rubber granules have a good solubility, have nobig impact on the rubber vulcanization process, added oil to the tire andrubber resin can play a role in adhesion, reinforcement, softening.
C, adhesives industry
C9 petroleum resin has excellent adhesion, adhesives and pressuresensitive tape included petroleum resin to improve the adhesion ofadhesive, resistant to acid, alkali and water resistance, and can effectivelyreduce production costs.
D, the ink industry
Petroleum resin used in inks, mainly high softening point petroleum resin.Add oil ink resins can be used to show color, quickdrying and brighteningeffect, improves printing performance and so on.
E, other: resin has a certain degree of unsaturation, and can be used toglue on the paper and plastics modifiers.

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