Production method of C5C9 petroleum resin, as well as the specific purpose?

The ethylene cracker, catalytic gas separation unit. Separation apparatus by-product C5 9,as raw material, distilling, thermal polymerization, flash and molding produced products.This product is light yellow to dark brown granules, tablets, bulk solid, has goodtransparency and gloss, solubility, water resistance, insulation, good solubility andchemical stability to acid and alkali, and have good adhesion and thermal conductivity etc.

The main purpose of:

Rubber processing: used as a thickener in rubber processing. It can play a softening,reinforcing and tackifying effect, so as to improve the processing performance, prevent problems of delamination and bubble. Mainly used in the production of tires, belt and a rubber tube.

Adhesive for adhesive production, especially the hot melt adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesive, can significantly increase the viscosity, elasticity and low temperature performance. At the same time, the anti water performance. Is often used in adhesiveplywood, wall paper and leather.

Paint production, commonly used in the manufacture of reinforced latex paint, also can be used in the production of oil soluble coating, effectively improve the coating gloss,hardness, water resistance and chemical resistance. The surface hardness, good gloss,fast drying effect.

The production of printing ink, can be dissolved in hydrocarbon resin, and high softening point, stable performance, and is suitable for the production of printing ink. The ink addingpetroleum resin can play the effect of color, fast drying, brightening, improve the printingperformance.

Paper industry: used for paper sizing agent. Compared with the traditional rosin, bubbles,surface smooth, but also can reduce the water, ink absorption, is conducive to improve the smoothness of the paper, the hydrophobic and printability.

Other applications: in the oil field chemistry, can be used for drilling mud additive agent,water treatment, but also can be used for asphalt modification agent.

Author: djg