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Hydrocarbon Resin is divided into what type

Application of petroleum resin production is the largest C9 petroleum resin and C5 petroleum resin.C9¬†Hydrocarbon Resin refers to contain nine carbon atoms “olefin or olefinpolymerization and ring or aromatic hydrocarbons, aldehydes, terpenes and othercopolymerized resin material“.C5 petroleum resin bonded to the peeling high strength,good viscosity, fast the adhesive properties of melt viscosity stability, moderate, good […]

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Hydrocarbon Resin can be dissolved in fat Mody?

Should be able to. Hydrocarbon Resin is low polar lipid soluble compounds, a variety of organic solvents can be dissolved in acetone to from gasoline, should also be able to dissolve in fat. Petroleum resin is a petroleum fraction olefins, dienes, cyclic olefin, styrene derivatives and heterocyclic compounds, mixtures, the resinous substance polymerization. As a […]

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What is the Hydrocarbon Resin?

Oil resin due to sources for oil derivatives and named, it has acid low, mixed dissolved sex good, resistance water, and resistance ethanol and resistance chemicals, characteristics, on acid alkali has chemical stable, and has regulation viscous and hot stability good of features. oil resin General not alone using, but as promoting agent, and regulation […]

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